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Conferences and talks

PQ Talks: Costume.
PQ, Prague

Panel talk about safer spaces, scenography and behaviour.
Nachtplan, Unighted, Leuven

CJPanel Talk: Diversity on the dancefloor (and how to make it happen).
CJP, Amsterdam

Midnight Frontier. Screening and panel talk.
Lab111, Amsterdam

Support. Organize. Sustain. Panel discussions and informational seminars addressing real topics and issues facing the electronic music community.
Paradiso Noord, Amsterdam

Panel talk on fostering communities and empowering minorities.
Beursschouwburg, Brussels


Whole United Queer Festival

Michele Rizzo, Spacewalk
Horst, Art and Music Festival, Horst

Moreno Perna, AURA A Shamanistic Techno Ritual of Dance
De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

Karel Burssens, Currents
STUK, Leuven

Pay It No Mind, queer night at De Appel
De Appel, Amsterdam

Cassiel Gaub, Farmer Train Swirl / Étude
C12, Brussels

Rosana Cade, Drag Mother
Beursschouwburg, Brussels


Night Fever. Designing Club Culture 1960 – Today
Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein

Party People
Museum Rotterdam

Fallen empires and refound desires
Horst, Art and Music Festival, Vilvoorde

Bogomir Doringer, Dance of urgency
frei_raum Q21 exhibition space, Vienna

Chapter 2WO

Bogomir Doringer, Dancing Defence: Space, Ritual, Gesture
Kunstfort, Vijfhuizen

Carsten Nicolai, Parallax Symmetry
K21, Düsseldorf

Parties and festivals

Sat 8/6/2019
(clubnight) Ankali, Prague

Fri-Sun 14-16/6/2019
Whole United Queer Festival, Gräfenhainichen

Sat 6/7/2019
Paradise city (festival), Perk

Sat-Sun 20-21/7/2019
Buttons, ://about blank, Berlin

Sat 26/7/2019
Herrensauna, Tresor, Berlin

Sat 3/8/2019
Dekmantel (festival), Amsterdamse bos, Amsterdam
Pride Is Burning, De Marktkantine, Amsterdam

Sat 17/8/2019
(clubnight) De School, Amsterdam

Sun 18/8/2019
Minor pushes Buttons, BRET, Amsterdam

Sat 24/8/2019
Los Niños, FFORMATT, Brussels

Fri 6/9/2019
(clubnight) De School, Amsterdam

Fri-Sun 13-15/9/2019
Horst arts and music festival, Vilvoorde

Sat 21/9/2019
(talk + party) Nachtplan: Unighted, Leuven

Fri 27/9/2019
House of Boys, WORM, Rotterdam

Sun 29/9/2019
(workshop) The Energy Movement, De School, Amsterdam

Sun 6/10/2019
T4T LUV NRG, De School, Amsterdam

Fri 11/10/2019
Bénédiction, C12, Brussels

Sun 13/10/2019
Gay Haze, L’uZinne, Brussels

Fri 18/10/2019
PORN by Pornceptual, Ruigoord, Amsterdam

Sat 19/10/2019
ADE: Eurabia, Cinetol, Amsterdam

Sat 26/10/2019
Los Niños x Mina, FFORMATT, Brussels

Fri 8/11/2019
Le Guess Who? Spazio Disponibile Label Night, WAS, Utrecht

Sun 1/12/2019
(clubnight) De School, Amsterdam

Sat 7/12/2019
(performance + club night) C12, Brussels

Fri 20/12/2019
(talks + performances + screenings + party) We love you, Intersectional and body/sex-positive queer rave w/ Room 4 Resistance, Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Wed 1/1/2020
De Nieuw, De School, Amsterdam

Sat 18/1/2020
Vriendjes en Vriendinnetjes, JACK, Amsterdam

Fri 31/1/2020
This is not a Gay Haze, Steelgate, Brussels

Sun 9/2/2020
Het Weekend, De School, Amsterdam

Fri 28/2/2020
Spielraum, Radion, Amsterdam

Sun 8/3/2020
Gutzeit - Female Edition, KaterBlau, Berlin
Klubnacht, Berghain, Berlin