2. Unighted

"Nachtplan" is an organisation that questions the current state of nightlife in the city of Leuven in diverse ways: writing articles, organising debate evenings and public events with local politicians. In September 2019 the first edition of a bi-annual "club experiment" was held to show the positive impact of night culture in practice.

The original theme of the club experiment "the night as a safe space (related to inclusivity, gender equality, LGBTQIA communities, people of colour,…)" is a hot topic in the political dimension of club culture. Eventually, the title became "Unighted", widening the topic and showing the intention to interconnect. The programme consisted of an art exhibition, talks and a closing club night. Club Efemeer created the dancefloor as a participatory, performative installation. More details about the strategies can be found in the chapter Research-based practice.

Photographs: Jente Waerzeggers